Blackwood Design Awards


First launched in 2013 as the Blackwood Student Design Competition, this annual contest has grown year on year and to become an international competition attracting designers, engineers and inventors from all over the globe. The purpose of the competition is to discover and champion brilliant concepts, designs and products that have the potential to help people live independently.

No longer open to just students (although we encourage their input), entries in past years have come from Pakistan, China, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and the UK to name just a few.

The prize package has also expanded with each year and is currently worth thousands of pounds. Past winners have included the Mountain Trike, the eye controlled wheelchair (Winner 2014 pictured above, designer Kirubin Pillay with Fanchea Kelly and Colin Foskett) and the S’up Spoon. It’s not about being high tech; it’s about making the biggest impact on people’s independence.

Winners 2016 Mebot

  • Best New Product – Glassouse, entered by Mehmet Turker from Hong Kong, China
  • Best New Concept – MeBot entered by Dr Rory Cooper from Pittsburgh, USA (pictued above)

“It was pretty exciting. I told my colleagues right away and they were excited as well. It was a nice validation of our work and our design. Everybody was very happy.” Dr Rory Cooper, Designer of MeBot, Winner of the Blackwood Design Awards 2016 for Best New Concept

Previous Winners

“We’re incredibly grateful to Blackwood and the panel for choosing our design as the winner as it gave our product a major boost. Take it from us – it truly is an incredible opportunity.” Grant Douglas, Designer of the S’up Spoon, winner of the Blackwood Design Awards 2015

“Everything about the event, the vision,  sincerity, true caring approach and the attention to detail, sums up the true culture of Blackwood” - Rosemary Calder, General Manager of Service Delivery for BT, 2014 judge