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Blackwood offers an exciting variety of careers from providing personalised care to help our customers live their lives to the full, to housing and asset management, as well as key supporting roles in Finance, Human Resources and IT.

We have teams across Scotland, together with a proven track record of supporting our employees to develop their careers, undertake relevant qualifications, and receive recognition that reflects the contribution our employees make to our success.

Thinking about a career in care?

Try our interactive video challenge ‘A Question of Care: a Career for YOU’ to see what a career in care is like. You`ll also receive a detailed personal profile that tells you if you’ve got what it takes to work in this rewarding field. 

Working for Blackwood

If you are new to social care and would like to know what this type of work is really like, visit our A Day in the Life pages or call us on 0131 317 7227 to talk to us.

Find out more about our current career opportunities with Blackwood on the links below or you can send a speculative CV into us by emailing to register your interest.

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Equality and Diversity within Blackwood

Equality and Diversity goes to the heart of Blackwood. At Blackwood our aim is to build a diverse team, recognising the wonderful skills and experiences different backgrounds bring. Our vision is that we build communities in which people can expand their opportunities, exercise choice and maximise their potential.  We believe that equality and diversity play a crucial role in helping us achieve organisational success.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We now have a legal obligation to report our Gender Pay Gap for 2017/18, which outlines the difference between male and female hourly pay.

  • Our gender pay gap is 11% (mean pay) and 0% (median pay).

This means that when we consider the whole organisation female employees are currently paid, on average, 11% less than male employees.  This figure recognises the significant number of female support workers we have within Blackwood.  We have a robust pay structure and pay the Scottish Living Wage which means that all our team members are paid the same salary for doing the same role, regardless of whether they are male or female.

  • Our Top salary quartile has 42.1% men and 57.9% women
  • Our Upper Middle salary quartile has 44.4% men and 55.6% women
  • Our Lower Middle salary quartile has 17.7% men and 82.3% women
  • Our Lower salary quartile has 18.1% men and 81.9% women
  • 0% of men and 0% of women received bonus pay